Marina Rossi
Game design ninja. Bad feminist. INFJ personality. Constantly fighting analysis paralysis. Co-initiator, producer and curator at Game Happens! since 2014.

Federico Fasce
Game designer since 1996. Co-founder at Urustar and co-initiator at Game Happens. Currently exploring self-caring and relationships in game spaces. Correspondent from London.

Emanuele Maccario
“I don’t know what is the problem, but I am the right man to solve it”. Mathematician, enthusiastic player, event handyman and beer lover.

Claire Guillon
Freelance web strategist. Digital Humanities researcher. Data Science enthusiast. Indie game curator. Multi styles musician. Wannabe digital nomad. And stuff.

Maddalena Grattarola
Researching on the effects of new technologies on postmodern literature. Currently exploring the pixellated realm of narrative games through the lens of literary theories.

Jacopo Fabrini
Engineering student interested in new technologies, game design and programming. If you have any problem, you can ask me! I probably won’t have the answer, but I will be very professional about it.

Gianluca Alloisio
Passionate about creation in general. Computer Science student. Procedural generation and terrain generation enthusiast. Usually picks archers, thieves or ranged combat classes. Created Devember.

Lorenzo Gerli
Freelance digital specialist. Social media explorer. Game lover. Indie game enthusiast. Incapable of writing short bios since 1985.

Esther Corti
Interested and intrigued by the potential of video games, especially concerning the great possibilities of application they offer in the education field. Soon-to-be graduated in Communication Sciences.

Special thanks to

Marco Pezzati (, photographer)

Claudia Molinari (We Are Müesli, 2017 logo restyling) 

Sara Canepa (HOPeLAB, exhibition design)

Mattia Cretti (Televideoliguria, video services)